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Workforce Development

Welcome to the Northern District of Ohio Workforce Development Program!

The Northern District of Ohio employs a Workforce Development Specialist who is responsible for the supervision of clients with chronic special needs in the areas of employment, education, and vocational training. If you require further assistance regarding the Workforce Development Program, please contact the Workforce Development Specialist Diana Samad at (216) 357-7330.

The Workforce Development Specialists take pride in conducting the following tasks:

  • Serve as the in-house authority and resource to the Court and U.S. Pretrial Services and Probation staff regarding all aspects of employment assistance, education assistance, vocational training, community services, and reentry
  • Locate and evaluate community resources throughout the district that will assist persons on supervision with employment, vocational training, educational services, and community services
  • Develop collaborative relationships with employers and community partners in an effort to improve persons on supervision with his or her reentry and transition
  • Motivate and empower persons on supervision to secure stable employment and help set career goals that may include continued education and/or vocational training
  • Increase employment retention and help persons on supervision establish long term career goal objectives
  • Provide information to local employers on employment incentives to hire persons on supervision
  • Conduct periodic job fairs or workshop forums within the district
  • Support district initiatives, such as Reentry Court and STARR
  • Assist persons on supervision with the creation of a resume and completing applications 

Office Resources

Akron Office

Akron Urban League

Ohio Means Jobs

Workforce Initiative Association (Stark and Tuscarawas Counties)

Cleveland Office
Cuyahoga Community College
Toledo Office

Government Center "First Wednesdays"

Lucas County Job and Family Services

Ohio Means Jobs


United Way of Toledo

Zepf Center

Owens Community College

Youngstown Office

Beatitude House

Flying High

Ohio Means Jobs

Rescue Mission

United Returning Citizens

Additional Services

First Step to Second Chances

Work Opportunity Tax Credit

Federal Bonding Program

Community Service 

Community Service Log