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Reentry / STAR Program

Mission Statement

The STAR (Successful Transitions-Accelerated Reentry) Program is a collaboration between the U.S. Pretrial Services and Probation Office/Northern District of Ohio and community resource providers to facilitate safe and successful reintegration of persons under supervision into the community, through early assessment and planning.

How the STAR program works

All eligible candidates are screened and, if appropriate, recommended to the Court for participation. If selected, participants are required to attend an orientation, at which time they will be asked to make a commitment to participate in the STAR Program. If participation in the STAR Program is declined, the case is returned to traditional supervision without further negative consequences. Should the candidate choose to participate in the STAR Program, it is important that family and friends participate towards the candidate’s success by providing emotional support, words of encouragement and assist in setting goals to complete. Studies have shown that individuals who have strong, positive community support networks have more successful supervision outcomes than those who do not.


  • Those convicted of sex offenses, terror-related crimes, or egregious offenses involving violence.

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Release address in the Northern District of Ohio. Exceptions may be made to participants deemed in need of intensive service that do not meet the criteria and reside within a reasonable distance from the assigned office.
  • Voluntary participation.
  • High or moderate risk as identified by the Post-Conviction Risk Assessment.
  • Criminal History Category of IV to VI, a history of extreme violence, or a poor history of adjustment when confronted on previous supervision, parole, or supervised release.

Termination from STAR Program:

  • Involuntary participation.
  • Non-compliance to program rules and procedures.
  • Committing new law violations which warrant revocation and custody.
  • If dismissed from the STAR Program, the case is referred back to the sentencing judicial officer and regular supervised release.

The STAR program is designed in a two-phase program

Phase One:

This phase involves intensive supervision. Progress is monitored monthly. Participants are required to seek or maintain employment, attend drug and alcohol counseling, mental health counseling, cognitive behavioral therapy, and obey the law. There may be other special conditions pertinent to specific supervision directives. Rewards for accomplishments and successes are awarded.


Phase Two (General Guidance):

Participants are no longer required to attend monthly progress sessions, but will remain on supervised release for another six to eighteen months. If this period of supervision is successfully completed, participants are rewarded with a recommendation for early discharge from supervision.

Phase Two Timetable:

3 years TSR = 6 months in Phase Two

4 years TSR = 9 months in Phase Two

5 years TSR = 12 months in Phase Two

8 years TSR = 18 months in Phase Two

Benefits to the STAR Program

  • Early release from supervision term;
  • Assistance with drug abuse and mental health treatment;
  • Assistance with housing needs;
  • Assistance with GED preparation;
  • Assistance with job readiness/life skills training;
  • Assistance with cognitive restructuring training;
  • Assistance with family support services;
  • Community support services; and much more.

Partnering Agencies:

United States Attorney's Office/ Northern District of Ohio

Cleveland Federal Public Defender's Office

Cuyahoga Community College

The Ohio Benefits Bank

Northeast Ohio Reentry Coalition (NORC)

The Cleveland Oriana House

The Federal Bureau of Prisons

Various other Community Partnerships


For more information, please inquire with your assigned U.S. Probation Officer.