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Q: How do I find out which officer is assigned to an offender/defendant?
Q: What is a "duty officer?"
Q: How can I find out who is writing my presentence report?
Q: Do I still need to report to Pretrial Services while my Presentence Report is being completed?
Q: How can I obtain a copy of a presentence report?
Q: If I am sentenced to a prison term, will I be taken into custody at sentencing?
Q: Who qualifies for DNA collection?
Q: Can I travel while on supervision?
Q: Can I have contact with codefendants?
Q: Do I need to report incidents with other law enforcement agencies?
Q: What is Mental Health Treatment?
Q: Who receives mental health treatment?
Q: Who provides mental health treatment?
Q: What services do mental health contractors provide?
Q: What if treatment is unsuccessful?
Q: What is the Substance Abuse Treatment Program?
Q: How are substance abusers identified?
Q: How is substance abuse detected?
Q: How is treatment provided?
Q: What services do contractors provide?
Q: What if someone is still using despite treatment?